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Decking Cleaning

Decking has become a modern garden feature of many homes across Manchester and when initially laid, provides a beautiful extension to any property.  However, decking still requires a small amount of maintenance to keep it looking at its best.

Driveway Cleaning Manchester will treat any build up of moss or algae with Smartseal fungicidal cleaners. Many decks, in areas such as Didsbury, Rochdale, Urmston and Wigan, attract this type of growth a lot faster than most other surfaces and in wet conditions this can make the decking slippery and dangerous. 

Smartseal cleaners are recognised for effectively removing this type of contamination and together with the specialised pressure washing equipment that we have invested in, we are able to deep clean decking across the Greater Manchester area, without damaging the wood, washing away dirt and grime with ease.  

Once the decking has dried off, we recommend treating the wood with Smartseal high quality decking oil. This process will feed the wood, restoring natural oils that have been lost through weathering and enhancing the decking to its full potential.

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