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Imprinted Concrete

Imprinted concrete is quickly becoming a popular choice of paving, due to its strength, appearance and durability. However, it does still require some maintenance as surface whiteness and peeling sealer can occur over time.

Many homeowners across Manchester, including areas such as Salford, Cheadle, Trafford, Wilmslow and Sale have invested a lot of money having pattern imprinted concrete laid and to keep it in good condition, imprinted concrete sealer should be re-applied every 3-5 years.  If the imprinted concrete has been laid properly in the first place, 2 coats of sealer should be all that is needed to restore the driveway or patio to its former glory.

If the imprinted concrete has been poorly laid or the when first laid not enough sealant applied, problems can soon start to happen that may result in lots of additional expense in the future. Loss of the original colouring due to general wear, surface whiteness, hairline cracks, and gradual surface deterioration are all commonplace problems. These problems can be rectified but it can be expensive and is always best to consult a reuptable company with the necessary expertise to put things right.

Driveway Cleaners Manchester offer a professional refurbishment service for patterned imprinted concrete driveways and patios all over the Cheshire and Greater Manchester area. We will pressure clean the imprinted concrete using high powered pressure washing machines that will quickly wash off any surface marks or ingrained dirt. Once dry, we can then carry out any remedial repairs, re-colour (if required) and re-seal the imprinted concrete to transform the surface.

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